"After reading the reviews I was skeptical about the tool. I took the chance since it was always difficult to line up the garbage disposal. I have used it for a number of garbage disposals and it has made the installation quick and easy. I would highly recommend this tool."
Manny, February 20, 2021

"Very useful especially in a confined space. I found it helpful to also have something to support the weight of the disposer-- we used an appropriately size cardboard box-- just in case you need to rest your arms."
NewMexiKen, May 24, 2019

“Works great on the Big Fat disposals.”
Frank Munoz Plumbing, Atlanta, GA

"Never knew I needed this...Great tool. Makes installation much easier. The less time I spend under a sink, the better."
Anonymous, July 20,2020

“DisposaLift really takes out the frustration...”
Seb, Precise Plumbing, Bend, OR

“Love it! I don't give disposal installs a second thought anymore.”
Ted Godfrey, Best Choice Plumbing, Redmond, OR