COMING SOON: Magnetic Sink Flange

DisposaLift® Magnetic Sink Flange Disc - COMING WINTER 2023
US PATENT 9493935

The DisposaLift Magnetic Sink Disc is a pioneering tool that simplifies the task of assembling the disposal locking mechanism, washers, and snap ring by holding parts in place and freeing both hands to complete the job.

How It Works: DisposaLift Disc fits into the sink flange and both are inserted into the disposal opening. The washers and upper-locking mechanism slide onto the sink flange and are held place by DisposaLift Disc’s three powerful neodymium magnets. Both hands are free to install the snap ring using the DisposaLift tool.

Who’s It For: DIYers love DisposaLift Disc because it makes disposal installation easier. Free hands mean no need for help, no dropped parts, no frustration. Professionals love DisposaLift Disc because it saves time and increases profits.
Features: Three neodymium magnets hold parts in place. Slim circular design fits snuggly in sink flange. Lightweight for easy handling.

Details: Glass-filled Nylon, Neodymium Magnets Weight: .5 lbs. Dimensions: 3½” x ½”