Disposal Installation Made Easy!

DisposaLift was invented with one thing in mind...to stop the headache of installing a garbage disposal. Made in the U.S.A. by a plumber for a plumber. DisposaLift makes installation a one man job eliminating time, cost, and the need for a plumber's third hand. Both DIYers and Professional love it. DIYers no longer need a helping hand and Professionals save time and increase profits.

DisposaLift, LLC is based in California and ships worldwide. Our sales team has been busy with counter days getting the product in the hands of the end users. For most plumbers and professionals it is a perfect match. Never has there been a tool so important to the garbage disposal installation process. DisposaLift is both lightweight and durable. It is a must have for every plumber. How to install a garbage disposal instructions just got a lot simpler with DisposaLift.

The DisposaLift was invented by Nicholas E. Walton, Sr. Nic is a plumber, general contractor, veteran, and family man. After installing thousands of disposals and often stepping in to be the third hand, he imagined a simpler solution. The DisposaLift was invented to decrease the extra set of hands required to install a disposer. The space under a sink doesn't allow enough room for one individual let alone two. The awkward space also doesn't allow room for a make shift stand or mechanism to balance a heavy disposer on. This is where the DisposaLift comes in. With 2 easy steps, garbage disposal installation just got a whole lot easier. Once you snap the DisposaLift around the 3 tab locking mechanism, you just LIFT & TWIST! The DisposaLift displaces the weight evenly from one handle to the other allowing you to easily lift the disposer right into place. The DisposaLift can be used over and over again. With a lifetime warranty, this installation tool is a must have for every plumber.