Place DisposaLift around neck of disposal and...

DisposaLift cradles the neck of the disposer and engages the tabs of the lower-locking mechanism while holding it firmly in place. 

Feel DisposaLift lock into place

DisposaLift's slim design allows the tool to snap into position between the disposer and its locking mechanism.

Lift and Twist

Widely-spaced handles make it easy to lift and rotate the unit evenly, to fully engage all three tabs of the upper-locking mechanism and create a leak-free seal.


Video Demonstration

DisposaLift 2 Steps...Just Lift & Twist! How to install a garbage disposal just got a whole lot easier. No third hand necessary. No frustration with balancing the heavy unit. Using the DisposaLift, slide it onto any 3 tab disposer. Lift the disposer to the mounting ring. Twist into place.

"Very useful especially in a confined space. I found it helpful to also have something to support the weight of the disposer-- we used an appropriately size cardboard box-- just in case you need to rest your arms."

NewMexiKen, May 24, 2019

"Never knew I needed this...Great tool. Makes installation much easier. The less time I spend under a sink, the better."

Anonymous, July 20, 2020

"After reading the reviews I was skeptical about the tool. I took the chance since it was always difficult to line up the garbage disposal. I have used it for a number of garbage disposals and it has made the installation quick and easy. I would highly recommend this tool."

Manny, February 20, 2021


The DisposaLift Difference

DisposaLift makes garbage disposal installation a one man job eliminating time, cost, and the need for a plumber's third hand. Both DIYers and Professional love it. DIYers no longer need a helping hand and Professionals save time and increase profits.

How to install a garbage disposal

How to Replace & Install a Kitchen Sink / Cast-Iron to Stainless-Steel

Watch AdamDIY install a garbage disposal from start to finish and look out for DisposaLift.