Just Lift & Twist

DisposaLift® is an innovation that makes garbage disposal installation quick and easy. With DisposaLift, installations are done right the first time, often in less than 60 seconds. DisposaLift simplifies the garbage disposal installation process while eliminating the need for an extra hand or impromptu base to balance on.

Easy 2-Step Installation:

    1. Place DisposaLift around neck of disposal.
    2. Lift, rotate, and lock disposal in place.

DisposaLift cradles the neck of the disposer and engages the tabs of the lower-locking mechanism while holding it firmly in place. Widely-spaced handles make it easy to lift and rotate the unit evenly, to fully engage all three tabs of the upper-locking mechanism and create a leak-free seal.

The DisposaLift® Difference

DisposaLift's slim design allows the tool to snap into position between the disposer and its locking mechanism. The three tabs cradle the disposer and hold it firmly in place. The widely spaced handles on opposing sides provides easy balancing. Lightweight and easy to transport, the DisposaLift can support the weight of the garbage disposer yet still be carried in your back pocket. No more balancing acts. No more mishaps. No third hand required. DisposaLift is the only tool relied on by professionals and DIYers.